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Agony Uncle 54

Posted on on 17/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

Keep the lie going. If Laurence Llewellyn Bowen is still claiming he’s not a fag and getting away with it then you can too. Alternatively if you want to lose your virginity you can just stop listening to Dubstep.

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Agony Uncle 53

Posted on on 16/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

Contrary to what you may think, she definitely knows what’s going on. Bitches love men that can protect them, and she’s testing you to see how you handle this clown, she secretly wants you to kick the shit out of him because blood and violence give women massive wide-on’s. Not that they’d ever admit it.

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Agony Uncle 52

Posted on on 16/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

Sit his self-pitying ass down and remind him of everything else in his life that’s really shitty and then break up with him, remember to do the first step if you don’t want to be name checked in his suicide note. We don’t need him pissing in the gene pool.

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Agony Uncle 51

Posted on on 15/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

You probably are dumb but as a rule of thumb, whatever bra size you had in school was probably the highest mark you ever got, so you need to email me your bra size with photographic evidence for further advice.

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Agony Uncle 50

Posted on on 14/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

He’s wrong and lying. He just wants to have sex with you and to be quite honest I think you probably should, he might tell your friends you’re frigid and you don’t want to be known as frigid because only unpopular girls are frigid. If you have any further queries then holla at [email protected]

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Agony Uncle 49

Posted on on 13/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

Like I told the kids who fingered those Catholic priests, stop snitching.

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Agony Uncle 48

Posted on on 12/04/10 by Tuvshin Bolor

I can’t help but feel no sympathy for you because you’re just so pathetic; it’s like seeing really fat people having trouble using their touch screen phones. They only have themselves to blame since it’s their fault they got that fat in the first place and it was their own retarded decision to purchase a phone their chubby sausage fingers can’t use. You forfeit your right to get pissy when I text all my friends about you if you’re a fat bloke using a stylus with an iPhone.

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Every Town Has An Elm Street

Because sometimes you need to watch all the best bits of the Elm Street movies in a hurry. See this...

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