Stealing images off Google gets old pretty quick, so here at Platform we try to get as much stuff illustrated as we can.


I think we’re pretty unique in that we don’t just send out briefs, we get an illustrator to regularly come in and hang out in the office with their felt tips a few days a week. At the moment we have a charming Jewish misanthrope by the name of Ted Pearce coming in once a week to listen to Sade and doodle in the corner. Since he’s here, we thought we’d ask him a few questions about what he does…

Hi Ted, how did you get into drawing?
My parents made me do it when i was still learning to think, they forced me into it. My dad does it for a sort of living.

What are your favourite types of things to draw?
Christopher Walken, people crying, fat tits, rappers, singers, I guess you could call me a people person (I’m not).

Who is your favourite drawer apart from yourself?
I like the drawings in Ren and Stimpy, and Picasso’s. My favourite drawing is by my friend Pete, of my friend Jiro, It’s on my bedroom wall.

Why do you like drawing so much?
Because I’m better at it than everyone else, and girls like it… sometimes. It’s also a good excuse for my total lack of ambition.

What kind of things inspire you?
Christopher Walken movies, old rap and soul photos, bright colours, old things with London in them, Sade, naked redheads and wildlife.

What other stuff do you do for fun?
I enjoy buying clothes, cookery shows, Seinfeld, red wine, Heineken, playing music at parties, cotching in my kitchen and eggs.

Thanks Ted!