We could write loads about how much fun it is but the flyer pretty much sums that up.

We asked him to make us a mixtape (holla, Ataris fans!) of the best of the genre everyone grew up with.

Descendents - I’m Not A Loser
In 1982 all the other LA punk bands were shouting about heroin, but the Descendents were singing about teenage reality. They started the blueprint by sounding as much like the Beach Boys as the Germs.

Cap N Jazz - Forget Who We Are
Before emo was just goth’s teddy bear, it sounded like this. This song has highs and lows that feel like a giddy teenage heartbeat.

NOFX - Dinosaurs Will Die
Even though they’re now in their forties, NOFX are still the kings of bratty, adolescent punk. This song is about killing off the music industry.

The Get Up Kids - Ten Minutes
The Get Up Kids were all about trampling on broken hearts with emotional punk .

Blink 182 - Dammit
Having a girlfriend leave you for someone else is hard when you’re young. ‘Well, I guess this is growing up.’ It certainly is guys, it certainly is…

The Ataris- In This Diary
‘Being grown up is not as fun as growing up.’ Sure isn’t, trust.

Andrew WK- Party Hard
A shirts off, fist in the air party song from a man in white clothes and really bad trainers done up super tight.

Brand New- Seventy Times Seven

I broke my friend Steve’s bed jumping along to this song. My brother slept in his bed that night and woke him up by rolling down the newly slanted frame on to him. I was 21.

Saves The Day- At Your Funeral

The lyrics include an unashamed claim to being an anthem to “our teenage underground”. It is so gut wrenchingly heart wrenching that it might just be one, though.

Wavves- I’m So Bored
Lofi bedroom recorded, surfy punk recorded in a bedroom by Californian 22 year old Nathan Williams. It’s new, but it deals with the same issues as 90s pop punkers (the clue is in the title).