Last night I went to see Bad Brains in Shepherd’s Bush, it was cool I suppose, but HR is now completely mad thanks to years of smoking really strong weed.  He mainly sang out of time, or didn’t sing at all, kept his hands in a praying position, and kept popping off stage to smoke. I took some photos on my Blackberry.

The rest of the band spent most of their time trying to make up for his lack of energy, and gently goading him into getting more involved. It was kind of sweet to see the way they interacted, but you could tell they were acting the same way people do when their dying gran makes a joke and they laugh extra hard cos they’re just happy she’s not going to die in at least the next ten minutes. Not that HR’s dying, he’s just fucking mad.

I guess if he was a little more on it stuff like giving bread and money to the front row and playing a guitar that wasn’t plugged in and making up new lyrics to songs on the spot would be a stroke of genius. As it is, I’d rather remember him at his best.

P.S. Here’s some bread that HR gave us, I think he might have blessed it: