Can I have a show of hands for people who secretly enjoy Gossip Girl and have heated arguments with their friends about who gets to be Blair, and who has to be Dorota and got all eye-rolly when Eric made a big deal of coming out because it was obvious to anyone who isn’t a deaf mute that he was gay?


Well, even if you don’t like GG you should know there is something in the Cast Members’ $5 imported mineral water and a few of them have branched out into showcasing their respective musical talent.

Little Jenny Humphrey (ably played by Taylor Momsen) has recently started a band called The Pretty Reckless, which is not at all what I expected. Even though the lyrics suck, she is pulling off kind of a bad-ass Courtney Love, Juliette Lewis vibe, which is impressive for a 16 year old. And she can sing, which also helps.

Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass fronts a band called The Filthy Youth. I thought he was putting on a really obvious British accent and then found out he actually comes from England. Huh. The more you know. I won’t draw the obvious comparisons between these the dudes and the band they are so obviously trying to emulate. I find them to be pretty okay to listen to.

Leighton Meester is openly trying for a singing career, newly marketing herself as some kind of double threat. She also has a song and video out called ‘Good Girls Go Bad’, a collaboration with Cobra Starship which I found so offensively terrible I didn’t even bother posting it.

(I strongly recommend you try watching GG if you are not already a rabid fan. It has some delicious subplots including one involving a character who is obviously based on Cory Kennedy)