Is it right to assume that a kegger is more or less what we in the United Kingdom of Great Britain call a houseparty? It’s a party at a private residence with a relaxed atmosphere and easily flowing beer, populated by old friends, new friends, family and possible hook ups. A shirt might come off here, a bong might be ripped there, sofas will be over-populated and there might be just a little bit of puking. They’re way better than nights out at clubs because there’s no real strangers, no money really has to change hands and night buses aren’t even a feature cos there’s always the option of sleeping in the bath or having bad sex with the hostess.

One of the major things about keggers slash houseparties is that the photos are waaay better than the photos of club nights. Club night photos are either really drunken, rubbish snapshots in a dark room with black walls or super glossy club photographer shots that make everyone look like waxworks of themselves. Kegger photos are where you find the real humanity- old friends with arms around each other, lampshades on heads, contented expressions, the ugly mixing with the beautiful and the positive vibes of an evening in a warm place with a bunch of great pals and some booze. is a blog dedicated to photos of keg parties from days of old, memories of good times past. The photos on there will warm your heart after spending another weekend queuing up, spending six quid on a beer and talking to a coked up mean girl about her fashion career. Platform had a brief chat with the creators about drinking with chums.

Where do you find your keggers of yore? The Internet!

Which kegger of yore would you most like to have been at? These American guys partying in what looks like Japan circa 1950-something:

It looks like a real special night for all those involved.

Which guy in any of these keggers would you like to meet now? I would hope these guys could still figure out how to have as much fun in the year 2009 as they did in this picture:

Do you go to a lot of keggers yourself? Keggers don’t happen anymore.  Just when a Kegger is about to break out, a Facebook photoshoot takes over and ruins it or half the people find out via Twitter that there’s a better party going on somewhere else and take off.

What is the best kegger you’ve ever been to? California Institute of the Arts’ graduation party 2004. Dancing with cute girls to live Salsa and Afrobeat bands while sharing the dance floor with people’s Grandmothers and 7-year-old siblings all while downing free beer paid for by the school. Also: there was skinny dipping.