When you think of Scandinavian fashion what images come to mind? Vikings wielding axes, fishermen in thick knitted jumpers and rubber boots, rally drivers in overalls (if you’re a boy), or maybe you just draw a complete blank. It’s ok, be honest!

Well, if you are drawing a blank let me fill your head with some names and images, because Scandinavian fashion designers are producing some of the most exciting and unique clothes around at the moment and you really should be packing your wardrobes with their threads.

Henrik Vibskov

I’m going to declare my interest early. I love Henrik Vibskov, he’s my favourite fashion designer in the WORLD and this month instead of paying my rent, I decided to buy this jacket.

What’s great about this Danish native and St Martin’s graduate is that he is completely fucking mental. Who else but an eccentric genius would call his collections ‘The Solar Donkey Experiment’, ‘Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory’, and ‘The Land of the Black Carrots’, or have his models revolving in giant stylised hamster wheels?

But his real genius is that despite all this lunacy he doesn’t get too carried away and at the end produces clothes that are both amazing in their originality and also very wearable.

And as if that wasn’t enough, here are three interesting facts about Henrik Vibskov, and to make it even more interesting one of them is false.

1. Henrik Vibskov is the only Scandinavian fashion designer to regularly show at Paris Fashion week
2. Henrik Vibskov plays drums for the electronic band Trentemøller
3. Henrik Vibskov is a fully qualified rugby union referee


Created in 2002 by three former students of the Royal Design School of Denmark, Woodwood display the same creativity as their Danish contemporary above, but with a more functional and modest style. Drawing form a skate aesthetic - they began designing hoodies, sweats, and tees - they have now evolved to create a more refined kind of streetwear.

Although this description is by no means as fun as the Henrik Vibskov one, give Woodwood a chance and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised because their clothes are laced with charming and intricate design details that reward the connoisseur. Trust me.

With their flagship store in Berlin, you can pick their stuff up form a their web store and from a variety of on and offline stores including Goodhood in Shoreditch.

Cheap Monday

Now Swedish brand Cheap Monday is  one you’re probably familiar with. I bet you’ve seen their recognisable skull logo slung half way down the ass of some skinny teen on your local high street. However, don’t let that put you off because the brand is much more than an emo’s go-to skinny jean supplier.

First off, it does exactly what is says on the tin (apart from the Monday bit). Jeans cost a recession beating £40, and this ‘costcutter’ ethos runs the whole range. Plus, the rest of the range is brilliant! I really love their shirts, while all their pieces have the truly Scandinavian combination of unique fit paired with odd and original design details.

What’s also nice is that Cheap Monday have ethics -  they’re the Jiminy Cricket of the fashion world and their environmental policy is so comprehensive it would put Captain Planet to shame.

So what have we learnt? Well, mainly that if you want to dress in a unique, yet understated and ethical way that’ll have other fashion appreciators nodding knowingly at you as you pass them on the street, then go Scandinavian!