If, like me, you’ve been long wondering just where dreamy Strokes main man Julian Casablancas has been hiding for the last ten years (or however long it’s been), then you just might be in luck. A montage has cropped up on his website previewing a new album that’s to be released later this year. Something called “Phrazes For The Young”. I’m not sure if that’s text speak. And to be honest, it doesn’t really offer any concrete clues as to what the typically enigmatic Casablancas has been up to in his recent wilderness years.


We’ve got Russian Construtivism brushing shoulders with the future world of Tron, a Rocky title sequence, Daft Punk’s mission to Mars and not a little Magnetic Fields melancholia. I think that equals 80s retrofuturism, which puts it about ten years ahead of the Strokes debut. Seems Casablancas never really did escape that “12:51″ video…

I’m pretty excited.