There are loads of bands who attract more girls than a January sale at Primark, but these eight are repeat offenders.

Lykke Li

As a girl. I am absolutely infatuated with this little Swedish entertainer, she’s absolutely spastic on stage, and she even spits old school rap as a bonus; but one look around the venue and I can barely count the band members, bartenders, security and bouncers as guys.

Chris Brown

You wouldn’t believe how many girls stood by this fella after his alleged battery incident on Rihanna. Some girls seem to have a weakness for jerks, in this case the jerk is not only good looking, he can actually sing, and he dances. He’s a talented jerk. Whereas you boys wouldn’t mind giving him a swift kick in the nuts, some girls wouldn’t mind…you finish the sentence.

The Saturdays

I see pink, I see blue, I see high heeled shoes and matching dresses too! The Saturdays are your modern-day Spice Girls, they’re too much of an easy target.

Paolo Nutini

Young, Fit, and sings about girls, there’s no way you can convince any guy to listen to his Scottish blues; even if they too, lied, said they were twenty-three to get in a twenty-two year old’s pants.


Conveniently, there’s a Rooney for both sexes, but here we’re talking about the girls’ Rooney: Long haired, hippie-like, reminiscent of 1970’s Malibu. In my mind these four have purposely fabricated a strategic approach to appeal to chicks:

Exhibit a) an O.C. appearance

Exhibit b) lead singer dating Mischa Barton

Exhibit c) The Princess Diaries!

Exhibit d) refer to previous exhibits.



It doesn’t really matter that there’s a guy in this infamous quartet, they STILL only have had a girls-only following. It doesn’t really help either, that one of your most notorious members has used wedlock-fame in order to hype you up, only to be rumored having hypothetically ‘killed’ the frontman of you guys’ favourite band ever!

Ying Yang Twins

No jokes, girls really do like this. Cause when you’re out with your mates and you’ve left your girl to fend for herself and her girlfriends on another boring Friday night, they listen to The Whisper Song on repeat. Why? You ask. Why Not?

The Plasticines

Alas, some French bands are not immune to this flagrant stereotyping. I know them cause I read girly magazine, so I’ll play the girl card here and give in my sexist opinion. The only boys who’s heard of them, only did so because they’re easy on the eye; they would never actually listen to any of their tracks.

I’ve browsed loads of my guy mates’ playlists, and never have I ever stumbled upon any of these. So if you’re a guy, straight and you have Girls Aloud on your iPod, at least know where you stand.