We’re not saying these are the only cool gays, or that them being gay in any way affected their coolness, it’s just that at the moment there’s an exhibition on at the National Portrait Galley called ‘Gay Icons’.  As you’ve probably noticed much of our content ties in very closely with that Gallery - ‘The Intruder’ for example, and that one with the cock tree, so it was very important for us to do a similar piece on the subject.

Wow! Cool gays!


Martin Tomlinson

No one has ever quite tipped the scale on me so far that I would go out, purchase lipstick and eyeliner, and head into central London for four days mimicking the twee girls I know.

Jayne County

Drag Queens often look a bit freaky, but once she starts talking, it’s like falling in love with a woman.

Gus Van Sant

Freedom is when you look cool in a jean jacket. You wake up on a cardboard box in front of a store window. Your longish hair dangles in front of your eyes. You speak with Shakespearean eloquence. You let a nice man stick a bottle up your ass for ten pounds.

George Michael

There’s just something so cool about being a millionaire and getting caught with no pants in a Los Angeles park’s public bathroom.


See Arabian Nights and The Gospel According to St. Matthew. Oedipus Rex is supposed to be good too.

Andy Warhol

His 1970 film Trash and his styling of the Velvet Underground mean that he was the birthmother of my favorite nightclubs, Trash and White Heat.

David Geffen

Never have musical acts been so successfully mobilized as Nirvana and Guns and Roses. Their sleeves all look sick to this day, and their music videos are no less tasteful.