Vampires are the ultimate bad boys.  They’re dangerous not because they might break your heart but because they might break your heart, rip it out of your chest and suck it dry until it’s shriveled up like a dehydrated cranberry.  And it doesn’t get much sexier than that.

Over the past year pop culture has really jumped on Vampire stories and dug it’s fangs in.  In ‘Twilight’ you have the doomed tale of a girl in a nerdy duffel coat falling in love with one totty-tastic blood-sucker in white face paint.  The 2 hour long film only had about 5 sentences of dialogue: “What are you?” was one, “I’m a Vampire” was another, and “I love you even though we’re doomed and you’re wearing a duffle coat” was a third.  Pretty stupid but also pretty fucking sexy.

I wondered what the real life Vampires of the world would make of this massive media fixation, so I emailed one who is known as Angelic Blood.  She replied to my request of an interview with, “ask questions at your own risk” which I thought was a BIT dramatic, but she was actually very nice and even did a LOL.  I don’t think Kiefer Sutherland ever did a LOL.

Are you a practicing Vampire?
Practicing Vampire? That depends on your definition of practicing. I practice magic because I am a pagan but I do not practice being a Vampire. I just am. I don’t perform magic that is Vampiric if that is the question.

Where do blood-drinkers find donors - is there a special section of Gum Tree?
I drink blood. It usually takes years to find a trusted donor. I found my donor within the friends I became close to over the years. Not speaking for myself I know others who have found theirs through on-line personals for such things. Most of us find them as long time friends more than anything though. With all the dangers of blood drinking these days it pays to stay close to home when searching for donors. My donor is in the medical field, which is also a great comfort to me.

Do you have custom made fangs?
No I do not have custom fangs though I have nothing against those that do. Some like to show off what they are. I prefer to stay somewhat secret.

I hear there are many different Vampire crews, with whom do you associate?
I don’t really associate myself with any one group or house etc. I do consider myself sang/psy vamp as I can feed off of energy as well as blood. [A Sang Vampire is one that drinks blood, a Psy Vampire eats…energy.  Apparently they are also sensitive to light]

How is your social life?
Well we go out and have fun like anyone else. My friends and I usually go to the French Quarter here in New Orleans on weekends. We call a certain bar our home. It’s the one place we are accepted for who we are and the owners are wonderful people. It’s a haven for us. They give us a place to feel comfortable and we make sure that we do all we can for them.

How do you feel about Vampire books and films?
I think that the media makes money off the ideal of the Vampire but they aren’t saying that what they portray is true and as long as that is the case I see nothing wrong with media Vampires. I am looking forward to seeing ‘Let The Right One In’.  It looks like a good movie. ‘Twilight’ was a very romanticized movie but I enjoyed it myself. The way I see it there is no point in trying to change the media’s views. Our not being in the face of the world keeps us safe from those who wouldn’t care to understand.

Many Vampires have allergies to foods, do you have this problem?
I am allergic to Bell Peppers LOL. [There it is] I do have problems with food not digesting right at times. I also have problems with my body wanting to reject food when I haven’t fed in a while. It really depends on the Vampire.

When did you realize you were a Vampire?  It must be a difficult life.

It’s no more difficult than anyone else’s life I’m sure. We all have ups and downs in our lives. We learn to live with what we’ve been given and make the best of it.  I always knew I was different. From childhood I never felt I belonged. I really knew what I was around 19 or 20 years old I guess. Which seems to be pretty average as far as I’ve seen among us.

Have you been attracted to other magical paths?
Being a Vampire isn’t a magical pursuit but a way of life.