When White Lies aren’t posing with roses and jamming out on organs, they take pretty nice photos of Mis-Teeq singers and trainers.  We sent drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown a really high tech camera (disposable, Sainsburys) to document various hi-jinks and preparations for their headline tour.

Charles and Harry White Lies enjoying the luxury first class travel to Swindon for the Radio one big weekend. Useful fact - London to Swindon first class is only £1.80 more expensive than regular class. Unfortunately this fact is of course of no use, as it is unlikely that you will ever visit Swindon.

Can you imagine our excitement when we arrived at the Big Weekend site to find that our luxury accommodation was right next door to Kelly Rowland’s dressing hut? Not a very big hut considering she was once in a band with Beyonce! DEPRESSING FALL FROM FAME ALERT!

Lotsa celebs seen that day… This is the front end of the Big Dog himself, Tim Westwood. I later stood next to him in the queue for lunch and got to witness him updating his legendry Twitter account first hand. “Parsley sauce is the shit yo!”  Probably.

This was my 2nd attempt at Radio 1 Big Weekend paparazzi. Far more successful than my Westwood snap, this is clearly Strictly Come Dancing/Incredibly Aggressive Female Shouty Rap (in her Mis-Teeq days) SUPERSTAR, Alesha “The Boy Does Nothing” Dixon. She had several bodyguards, proving she is now officially big in the game.

White Lies trying to be big in the game too. Nice.

As well as being in White Lies, I run a little independent label called Chess Club Records with a couple of my friends. This is where they live. It’s where the magic happens. Here we see Max Knight of Chess Club undoubtably closing a massive financial deal of some kind, while still in his pyjamas at 2pm. Epic business skills. He took the headline shot of me, check out his brilliant photography here.

On my way to White Lies rehearsal room, passing through the alley of terror. Looks pretty nice in daylight, but in the night it’s pitch black as all the streetlamps have been smashed. Several times we haven’t been able to pass through due to police tape over the entrances. GOOD MURDERING TIMES!

Trusty central line.

Harry trying out a new toy at our rehearsal room, getting ready for our headline tour.

Harry spends most of his spare time pissing off Tommy, our live keyboard player, as seen in this photo here.

My hi-hat pedal CLEARLY outside it’s designated space! Furious! Someone will get fired.

Me and Harry just waiting for a bus. Pretty psyched about it TBH.

Following White Lies concert at The Manchester Academy, I took this photo of my friend Giles, where he appears to have aged around 50 years. Reeling in shock at the show he’d just witnessed no doubt.

Here we see White Lies frontman Harry, lighting designer Chris, and tour manager to the stars Gigsy, sporting a very in season fashion staple - the bum bag. Gigsy’s bum bag isn’t just for image though. It contains around a thousand pounds worth of all the important denominations of money! Don’t even think of trying to rob him though. He will fuck you up.

Glasgow Barrowlands trippy dressing room of mirrors.

My enormous drum riser. So enormous it didn’t even fit into some venues on the tour. Waste. Of. Money… who am I kidding it was still AWESOME.