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“You kids today, you don’t know your Jimmy Choos from your Christian Louboutins, bring back the birch and send them back”

That was a phrase my grandmother never used (she might have said the last bit once or twice though), but it turns out there are a few septo / octogenarians that haven’t totally given up on style in the same way their body and mind are slowly giving up on them (KIDDING). Fantastic blog Advanced Style exists solely to document the phenomenon of elderly sartorial elegance, and could teach us young ‘uns a thing or two about looking good. Platform spoke to Advanced Style founder Ari Cohen about old folks with good looks.

Why did you start the blog?

I started the blog to bring focus upon older people as creative and vibrant. I also just looked around New York and noticed so many awesomely dresses older folks.

What do you love about old people’s style?

I love how older people seem to mix and match things from decades. Many of the people I photograph also wear their clothes with confidence and character. It’s fun to see people dress as they did did in the 30-50s with gloves and hats, you know with a touch a class, but I also love more Avant Guard risky looks. Its about being comfortable with your style.

What do you think keeps them trying out new things?

I think that it may be the opposite, They have found what works for them and they wear it with confidence. Also older people some times take more risks because they dont care what others think anymore. They are dressing for themselves.

How do your own grandparents dress?

My grandparents have passed away, but my dad’s parents were real fashionistas. My grandma always had her hair done and loved Escada suits. My grandfather wore nice trousers, argyle sweaters and socks and fine suits, a lot of color as well.

Do you think you’ll have the energy to look that great into your eighties?

I hope so. I want to wear a bunch of matching colorful accessories!

  • Adele


  • jad

    This is cool, older people do dress much better - gotta be said. I think it’s cos they’re styles have had time to mature and they know what works, also the onset of dementia means they care less. Tramps also kill it in the style dept. Drug addicts not so much.

  • Jasmine

    That third guy, I wish he was my granddad :)

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