As you may have noticed we’ve been having some problems with the Platform site over the past week. Gremlins in the works, ghosts in the machine, or maybe some 90s-style internet hacking - we don’t really know what went down. All we know is that we’re back and like Obi, if you strike us down we become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

We spent a week in the e-doldrums, but we didn’t just sit at our desks twiddling our thumbs or gently sobbing into our keyboards (Bob), we did some hard hitting investigative journalism, channeling the still living spirit of Donal MacIntyre.

In the end our investigation was less MacIntyre and more Bashir, but we did some important work. Our task was to live a day in the life of an animal to see if we could survive in the urban jungle of central London. I was a tiger and Elizabeth was some weird rat thing. Here’s what happened.

By the way, if anyone’s wondering, we got our suits here.