I arrived in South Carolina just in time for the Myrtle Beach Bike rally, an event that has taken place each Spring and Autumn for the past 70 years. I was there with my best friend Margo who grew up there, she was writing an article so i went along to document it. We lived in a caravan, drank moonshine for breakfast and hung out with Lord Christ, an old-time biker , 70 year old drug dealer and the bus driver for the Grateful Dead. On that week each year, gone are the cute grannies in rocking chairs on porches with languorous Southern accents and offers of sweet tea. In come the sons of their poor white trash neighbours, sitting on the backs of hawgs, and tearin’ up the streets wearing T-shirts that say “If you can read this, the bitch fell off!” Most of these pictures were taken at America’s biggest and only ‘Drive thru’ biker Burn-out bar, Suck Bang Blow where the two most asked questions are “Which way to th’porta potties?” and “Which way to th’mechanical bull?”


Jimmy Motely, owner of Suck Bang Blow (worlds largest drive-thru biker bar).

Lord Christ, biker, and bus driver for grateful dead, janis joplin etc.