Conrad Pugsley is a pagan priest. Age 5, three spirits entered his room and claimed his soul. Since then he’s gained and lost a wife and three kids, been sectioned for four years and performed such magical acts as raising the dead and performing miracles. He lives in a council flat that stinks of shit with one lit room full of animals, potions and scary stuff

Platform: When did you realise you were, ahem, different?
Conrad: In 1953, I was five-years-old. I had three people appear in my bedroom. They were rogue beings of spiritual nature who taught me everything I needed to know about the craft, religion and life. I know everything about all faiths, their relevance and reason. I have lived like this since i was thrown out of my home.

Why were you thrown out?
Well that was between my wife and I, who was a rather evil person anyway. She was exactly the same as me, yet she claimed because of what I am, I would be a bad influence on the children. I have never seen them since. The doctors kept saying they would contact me, but alas’.

What do you mean by the doctors?
Because I had a condition that worried them, they put me into hospital. I didn’t know what it was, I just snapped and went the complete opposite to my nature. I think they call it a “personality disorder”, whatever the hell they think that means.

Okay, so what does a day as a high priest consist of now?
Three years after joining the pagan faith I became a high priest. They initiated me to a proselyte (a recent convert to a new religion - big words Ed) and then at 10 I became a first stage priest. After being ordained I went for six years to the Middle East to learn the dragon craft.