Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but some people have a larger catchment area of people who are prepared to behold them. I suppose you could call it niche beauty.

Tuvshin Bolor (pictured above), old friend of Platform and cougar-loving lothario, is the founder of a blog dedicated to spotlighting and championing the niche beauty of celebrities not featured in FHM’s end of year polls. The blog is called I Don’t Care If You Wouldn’t, I Would.

The way it works is Tuvshin and his pal Adrian (as well as Platform pal Amy Green writing on behalf of womankind) feature a celebrity of lesser looks and explain the reasons why, despite general public opinion, they would still mash (yes, I said mash) the celebrity in question. It is solid gold hilarious and a lot of it rings totally true. I ‘caught up’ with Tuvshin and had a chat about getting sexy with uggos.

PS, first blog spotlight for a while huh? It feels good to be back.

What made you want to start IDCIYWIW?
Like all good things, it kinda all started on myspace. I used to post a series of myspace bulletins called ‘I don’t care what anyone says, I would standardly mash’ where I posted pictures of pum that was being criminally slept on. The blog itself was spawned as a joke from a MSN (RIP) conversation between me and my friend Adrian, we were probably discussing Peaches Geldof or something. It was just me posting pictures at first but Adrian jumped on and became a contributor and started writing blurbs to explain his choices which I thought was genius. I didn’t really start the blog from any noble causes other than to write gross stuff about chicks. For that same reason I didn’t think for anyone else other than me and Adrian would want to read the blog either.

Are you just not a fan of obvious beauty?
I’m a fan of that too, but beauty is a notoriously subjective word; because you can have a girl with a next level fucked up mangled face but with the greatest ass in the world and to me that girl would be beautiful, just because of her ass. But then again I have this thing about Cameron Diaz, I just don’t see how she can be paraded around as one of ‘the most beautiful women in the world’ when if you stuck her in some white Hi-Tec kicks, distressed denim and a shirt that says ‘Juicy’, you wouldn’t be able tell her apart from any other above average Eastern European woman. There’s another blog there in there somewhere, ‘I Don’t Care If You Would, I Wouldn’t’. This shit just writes itself.

Who is the least attractive celeb you would mash and why?
Jordan, no qualms. I’d bang her rowdy cuz. I’d say she was the least attractive celebrity because she just embodies everything that’s wrong with everything but -and it’s a big but- but you can just tell that her suck game is vicious. She definitely knows her way around a dick, she’s the Cesar Millan of dicks.

Tell me someone you wouldn’t mash at all.
That’s is actually a hard question….. You know what,  just to prove my earlier point I’m gonna say I wouldn’t mash Cameron Diaz. However she was actually pure fire in ‘The Mask’ so I may have to retract that…… To be honest there aren’t many celebrities I wouldn’t mash, only the two extremes of womanhood - younger than 14 and older than 80 are no go areas.

Who’s the number one most mashable woman that you think most people wouldnt mash?
It’s kinda hard for to answer the question since my perception of what passes for mashable is so skewered, I used to get suggestions for the blog from friends and I’d be like “Ayo who would not want to fuck Felicity Kendell?” and I’d get disapproving looks. I didn’t even know the extent of my own sluttiness.

Which is your favourite justification on IDCIYWIW?
It might be the Allison Reynolds character from Breakfast Club post, but I think my favourite quote is definitely from Adrian’s post on Anne Heche: “Crazy chicks are to men, what assholes are to women“. Profound.

Do you mash a lot of ugly girls in real life?
I did kinda hope that I’d get more attention from girls with low self-esteem and complicated daddy issues but I think chicks don’t wanna hook up with ‘that guy that writes about wanting to mash down ugly chicks’ because that in turn makes them ugly or something. Which isn’t true laydeez, sleeping with me totally gets you the validation from your peers you deserve. Adrian’s black so he probably has the wogsocket market covered.