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  • Real Real Talk

    When I get in from work I like to kick it and get on with my shit, I don’t really want to talk to anyone or deal with anything serious because that’s what work-time is for.
    It sucks when some guy calls you up to talk about dramas and gets all aggy when all you want to do is take out your washing and watch TV, it’s hard to pay attention to his issues and it makes you resent them really badly for calling and ruining your night.

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    Bow down to Night Slugs, my favourite label this year. Period.

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    ROC MARCIANO IS A FUCKING G and also a rapper from strong island N.Y.C. who came to fame when he

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    Do you know who you are? Are you affiliated with someone / someone / someplace? If not, we're

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    So this girl I know, from high school- she was a T.O.T.A.L. slut. Seriously, she must have given, like, three

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