You may have noticed the new Videodrone section of Platform. If you’ve not come across it yet then angle your eyes up and right. No, that’s too far… you’re looking at the wall dummy. Down a bit, and… you’ve got it.

At the moment it’s full of lol-alicious videos of chubby 12-year-old Mexican rappers, Captain Kirk making an ass of himself and Tommy Lee training for a zero-G drumming session. But now we’re looking to get some more stuff in there, more specifically some animated stuff. So we asked professional drawers Nicos Livesey and Andy Baker from illustration and animation collective This Is It to send us a collection of the group’s favourite videos.

We thought they’d come back with one or two things, but they sent us a list as long as Dirk Diggler’s dick. What’s more, every video was solid motherfuckin’ gold. To cram them all into one post would have be a crime. So, by way of an introduction here are two of their picks and what they had to say about them.

These two animations are very similar but very different. Both feature insane bar fights soundtracked by metal, and both are awesome!

Korgoth of Barbaria
Korgoth of Barbaria was a Pilot episode that never got made. It was created by Aaron Springer the - guy that directed and storyboarded Dexter’s Laboratory and some of SpongeBob SquarePants. It’s set in this post-apocalyptic world and has a rad Metal soundtrack. The bar fight in this makes it the best one episode ever.

Wait for the guy that gets skinned by his pony tail…

Bar Fight
Bar fight was created by Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbick and paid for by MTV way back in 1999. It was entered into, and rejected from, every animation film festival at the time. It’s just a crazy fight in a bar, but it led on to bigger and better things like “Superjail“, which was released in 2008. Superjail features fights similar to Bar Fight in each episode but also has an awesome Willy Wonka style jail and good short stories, but this is where it all started.

It was produced by Augenblick studios in New york who make amazing stuff too. I secretly love these guys for making the best stuff and I don’t know what else to say except you should definitely watch both of these things and then go and make some yourselves.

Click through to watch the videos proper in the Videodrone section. The rest of Andy and Nicos’s picks will be fed into the Videodrone section over the next few weeks so keep checking back animation fans, you won’t be disappointed.