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‘Gold Complexion’

Posted on on 10/06/10 by Jess Gough

Photographer Ellen Rogers sent us over another beautiful shoot that has been lovingly developed and edited in the darkroom. No digital manipulation, this be the real deal. She’s even made crimped hair and a massive pair of horns look like the height of phasssion.

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‘The Summer Wasting’

Posted on on 18/05/10 by Jess Gough

Irwin Barbé sent us over a photoshoot and accompanying film he made in Biarritz, South of France, using clothes designed by his buddy and emerging new talent, Luna Cedron. The pair are both only 17 and the idea behind ‘The Summer Wasting’ was to create an idealised vision of the long drawn-out months of the summer holidays ahead.

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‘Morrigan Follows Her Now’

Posted on on 13/04/10 by Jess Gough

Photographer Ellen Rogers doesn’t use any digital or computer manipulation and achieved the results for this shoot by spending hours experimenting in the darkroom

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Flesh storm

Posted on on 27/11/09 by Petra Collins


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Girls on bikes

Posted on on 20/10/09 by Polly

Ladies on nice bikes, not topless women on motorbikes..

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Jump off

Posted on on 12/10/09 by Polly

WINTER IS SHIT! Prepare yourself mentally and physically with the one thing better than Prozac, a jazzy knitted jumper.

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I will never forget you - an ebay obituary

Posted on on 01/09/09 by Polly

Things i didn’t win on ebay and still lose sleep over, that teased me with a cheeky asking price and then shat all over it at the last minute.

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Friends Forever

Making friends is gay....

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