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    That thing that crazy poor parents do where they push their kids’ talents because they think it’s their ticket out of the ghetto is fucking retarded. Have you ever seen any of those weirdly good at stuff kids actually make it beyond novelty act? It never happens. Even Bow Wow is gonna be haunted by Lil Bow Wow til he dies, and he only made it cos he’s Snoop’s nephew. This fat kid is gonna be over rapping by 15, and the 9 year olds in sexy clothes who dance behind him are gonna have a pretty fucked up attitude to sex later in life.

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    What the fuck is that piece of shit!!
    and the worst thing is that his parents are proud of him, fucking fat ass and the 2 li'l whores on the background i mean c'mon and they only make like 5 pesos each, im disgusted
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"My boss is this really sleazy 30 year old who always stares at my boobs, and makes crude comments when I ask him for favours at work. He does it to all the girls, and most don't seem to mind, but I don't think I can take much more. But I really need this job for money. Help!"

Draw some cocks on your tits and call him a fag for staring at them.
Answer by Gavin McInnes
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