Doing things is really important. There’s a little thing called “life experience”, and it should include more than just a trip to a European festival, taking acid one time and almost getting arrested for smoking on a train. Those are only three stories you can tell your kids, and they’re boring as hell. We’re in an age where most of us are going to spend a lifetime sitting in front of an Apple Mac in an office – everything’s already been discovered, history is over and even if you do make it somewhere foreign, everything’s gentrified, tourist-ized and neutered, everywhere feels like a Disneyland version of what it was before. It’s hard to find real adventures these days, and there’s a temptation to give up on the idea of L-I-V-I-N and just watch a lot of TV.

But everyone decent knows TV is from hell, and everyone knows life experiences are important, they’re just getting harder and harder to come by. But you’ve got to fight for them, because that’s the shit that’ll make our kids want to hear our stories, our grandkids sit on our knee and great grandkids hear stories about us, they’ll bring us closer to the people we shared them with and when we’re 85 we can get a hemorrhage in our brain and die painlessly knowing we tried our hardest to do shit.

Lauren and Grace have been best pals since they met at a small catholic private school in LA, way back when. At 20, they’ve already clocked that things need to start happening (otherwise what’s the point of anything?), and this December they assembled a to-do list of adventures they needed to have together, then they started actually doing them, which is pretty great.

They’re going to send us pictures of each of their adventures on their to-do list, and below are the shots from the first one. Here they are in their own words to explain it:

‘This first album was taken at Joshua tree in the high desert. We camped out in the middle of nowhere, not in some 20 dollar a night park. In the daytime we explored the desert and the small surrounding towns, we discovered this insane place called sky village, which is a little community built on the grounds of an old drive in movie theater, it looks like a junk yard but when you get up close you realize they’ve built houses out of old bathtubs and stained glass. Everyone there sells all sorts of things (We bought a haunted house CD, two stuffed animals, and a weed hat for five bucks).