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Igor In Ukraine

Posted on on 24/08/10 by Jess Gough

We’ve got more photo-blogging from the East. This time Ukrainian Igor Okunew has sent us over a set of images of his recent(ish) endeavours in Ukraine, and he still rules at black and white photography like no other brother.

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La Vida Loko

Posted on on 20/08/10 by Jess Gough

Elena Tarchi was recently whisked around L.A. with her friend as a tour guide, camera in hand. This is the set of photos she came back with, brand spanking new and for Platform eyes only.

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Teen Witch Hits New York

Posted on on 17/08/10 by Teen Witch

Frisco resident Andrea Sonnenberg, known as Teen Witch, is going to do a load of photo-blogging for us from the other side of the pond. Her first post is from a visit to New York in July which she spent “sweating [her] ass off in 105 degree weather, getting heat stroke and drinking massive amounts of beer, taking photos, skateboarding and watching [her] friends get stoned all day.”

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Dark Youth in a Russian Summer

Posted on on 15/08/10 by Dark Youth

If you think way back to the dreary months of winter, you may remember us featuring the Russian photographic duo Dark Youth. Sasha and Leyla are back and have sent us a new exclusive set of photos documenting their most recent adventures. Fuck laying on a beach working on your tan, the way to spend

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Rafa And Alba’s Summer Diary

Posted on on 12/08/10 by Jess Gough

The couple Rafa Castells and Alba Yruela have returned to Barcelona for the summer and sent us the first part of their summer photo diaries. They say it’s getting hotter by the day, so night is the only time to escape with friends to the rooftops, beaches and parks until the sun rises again.

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Radfest In Pictures

Posted on on 11/08/10 by Mark Fountain

Remember that ace mixtape that the guys behind RADFEST made for us a while back? Well RADFEST itself was last weekend and we gave those same guys a couple of disposable cameras to capture the carnage. A Place To Bury Strangers, Cerebral Ballzy and Trash Talk all played and it was, for want of a better word… rad!

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Dream Pop

Posted on on 02/08/10 by Ian Markell

We featured Ian Markell a while back, just after he made the move from L.A. to New York, and recently caught up with what he’s been up to. Summer in New York City feels pretty much like a bad smelling concrete sauna, so Ian is being real wise and going elsewhere. This is a new exclusive set of photos from his trip to upstate New York.

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Creatures: Attack

Beware of Apex Predators. Study of them is critical in order to control their strength and force. (Selected by the Acid...

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    Hey everyone! You can stop looking now because we’ve found it already. We’ve found the worst thing on the internet!

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