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Best Of Flickr - Bobby Doherty

Posted on on 09/08/10 by Jess Gough

Bobby Doherty curated this week’s Best of Flickr and picked only vertical images. Why? Just because. He takes great photos and is generally a really great human being, so you better enjoy this.

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Best of Flickr - Marlon Kowalski

Posted on on 30/07/10 by Jess Gough

This week’s Best of Flickr is curated by German photographer Marlon Kowalski. He’s given his selection the title “Die Liebe, die Liebe”, which actually means something way nicer than it sounds.

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Best of Flickr - Katherine Squier

Posted on on 20/07/10 by Jess Gough

Best of Flickr is back after a little vacation and has brought with it the guest pickin’s from Katherine Squier, who comes all the way from Texas, U S of A. Katherine takes photographs of the faces and places around her and is the queen of finding good light to capture them in. She’s picked her favourite images of the moment from Flickr to share with y’all.

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Best Of Flickr - Lukasz Wierzbowski

Posted on on 04/06/10 by Jess Gough

This week’s Best of Flickr comes all the way from Poland, curated by photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski. He calls this selection “The secret lives of charming boys”. It’s strictly dudes only.

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Best Of Flickr - Keko Jackson

Posted on on 28/05/10 by Jess Gough

Keko Jackson from L.A. sent us over a bunch of pretty random but great images for this week’s Best of Flickr. His own stuff is a mix of analogue photos and screenshots that look as though they’ve been put in a giant blender on the internet, or attacked by a gang of sharpies and glitter glue pens - in a good way, of course.

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Best of Flickr - Joe Skilton

Posted on on 20/05/10 by Jess Gough

Joe Skilton really really likes photography. When we asked him to curate this week’s Best of Flickr he sent us a great long list of images that we then picked out our favourites from. So this is kind of the best of a ‘Best of”, which by definition should be twice as great.

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Best of Flickr - Romke Hoogwaerts

Posted on on 27/04/10 by Jess Gough

This week’s Best of Flickr was done by New Yorker, Romke Hoogwaerts. He single-handedly edits Mossless Magazine, which showcases an eclectic range of photographers that he admires along with some really insightful and original interviews.

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160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

If you don’t enjoy this 10 minute long video of Arnie quotes then you’re a icehole....

  • Jam City - Ecstasy Refix

    Bow down to Night Slugs, my favourite label this year. Period.

  • Roc, Roc On

    ROC MARCIANO IS A FUCKING G and also a rapper from strong island N.Y.C. who came to fame when he

  • I don’t care if you wouldn’t i would

    Tuvshin and chums have lower standards than the rest of us.

  • Camden town is crap

    Robert Thumbs Downey Jr gives Platform all the reasons that Camden should have been left to burn.

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