Sofia Coppola is a bona fide genius. She crafts immaculate mood pieces using a dreamily lyrical approach. Basically, if you watch ‘Lost in Translation’ and you just ‘get’ it, you’ll fall instantly in love with the unexpectedly hot auteur. There’s nothing pretentious about it, you cynical fucks.

Coppola’s career has had its ups and downs. The Virgin Suicides was a shit-hot début. It flaunted her gorgeous visual aesthetic, showed off her flair for soundtracks (the poor-man’s Daft Punk done good) and proved that you don’t have to be The Wachowski Brother’s to effectively use green tint. However, being an adaptation, the film was somewhat stunted. After that we got the masterpiece and last but least, with her most recent picture, the chic bore.

In 2010 she’s treating us to a new film. It’s called ‘Somewhere’. It has a decidedly lovely poster and a predictable-yet utterly amazing trailer. A tonal sequel to Lost in Translation you say? Rehashing her own back catalogue on only her fourth film you say? Well fuck you haters! No, TBF-those two points are perfectly valid observations but with a Phoenix soundtrack, Steven Dorff (yeah bitches!!!) and the prospect of another hipster tale of excess, I ain’t complaining.

The Dorff stars as a jaded actor bonding with his estranged daughter, Ellie Fanning. But as always with Coppola, plot synopsis and trailers are totally ineffectual at representing the film. She’s all about delicate pacing and the resulting moments.

So here are some pretty pictures to wet your appetites and please-please-pleeeeeeease be excited about this. If you aren’t, I hope aptly you die by your own hands a virgin you soulless prick.


    Wait, is this like a parody article?

    Sofia Coppola's films suck balls AND she took a massive dump on the Godfather franchise in the third outing

    Fuck this goofy bitch.

  • zack cohn / Kooter B

    its hard to approach her movies with an open mind when they are so unapologetically draped in references to trendy music and fashion pop culture. Personally I watch films to escape this kind of everyday vapidity, not to revel in it.

  • mcrobbo

    Madeleine McCann: The Motion Picture

  • Fuckcoppola

    Coppola is so fucking awful it's unbearable. The only reason she has a career to begin with is because of daddy, isn't it great that he used his influence in Hollywood to get her an Oscar?

  • Gaz Simms

    Hipsters hate hipsters. Lesson learnt.

  • Jamescaley

    “isn't it great that he used his influence in Hollywood to get her an Oscar?”

    Umm….this makes no sense whatsoever. If her career was all about her Dad, then why do her films actually do better then her Dad's of late? FFC's last two films didn't get a lot of accolades and they didn't make any money at the Box office. LiT was a bona-fide hit, making back several times it's budget. It was a slew of faithful fans. I just don't understand…if she is only successful because of him, then why isn't he able to equal her success (recently, I'm talking. The Godfather was 40 years ago). Nepotism only goes so far.

  • Fuckcoppola

    Coppola has been a producer for every single one of her films. Producers are the one who campaign for awards. I've worked in Hollywood for several years now and that's just how it works.

    The Oscars have been pretty useless for years now, anyway, they always award the wrong people.

  • Jamescaley

    Ok, then why wasn't he able to get her nominations for The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette (which won an Oscar, but one of the “lesser” awards)? Clearly FFC isn't able to get Oscars for her whenever she wants. Clearly her film struck a chord with voters. And it won a lot of critics awards as well. It's a very lauded film. I know many people who love it, and many people who hate it. But do you honestly think that FFC got her the Oscar, the critical acclaim, etc? And yes, I was actually aware that Producers campaign for the films, but you can campaign your ass off, it doesn't necessarily get you a nomination.

    haters gonna hate

  • Alex

    In response to fuckcoppola, her dad actually wasn’t on the producer role for Lost In Translation which is regarded as her best movie so far.
    “I’ve Worked In Hollywood For Several Years Now And That’s Just How It Works.”
    I laughed out loud at that part.

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