Last month we introduced you to Lauren and Grace, who are spending this year ticking things off their ‘doing fun things’ to-do list, and sending us the photographic evidence. This month they went to the coast.

In their own words:

This month we explored the California coast: we camped in an RV park on the first night thanks to some friendly bros who put a plank down so we could drive over the spikes and get in after it was closed. The next day we explored further, using a map of the Santa Monica mountains Grace had from her field botany class. We navigated through the treacherous terrain that followed Mulholland Drive, where we found a ghost town, just like last month. We had another sleep there (Lauren slept upright in the car, Grace out in the Bugs Life world with her sleeping bag) and got woken up by a park ranger who gave us some more maps. When we woke up we got hungry and found a biker bar, they had biker burgers.

After spotting the best motorbike ever on the way out of the bar (forgot to take a photo though), somehow we ended up lost in a lagoon surrounded by cliffs and swampy shit. There were a shitload of Mexican families and two guys in business suits jumping off the cliffs into the lagoon, we think they were the closest thing to our male equivalents we’ve seen yet. We had fun there, then moved onto these fields of mustard flowers, which felt great to run through, but tasted nothing like mustard.

Hope you like the set.


Lauren & Grace