About us

Read Platform team currently consists of 4 individuals, Jake, that would be me, and my friends Steve, Joe and Carol. We’re a bunch of mystics in their 40s that have been in the grips with the world of the supernatural for the better part of our lives, one way or another.

Hi everyone, my name is Carol and I’m the chief editor here at Read Platform. I’ve been with the team for the past 10 years and I love it since day 1. I’m in charge of making sure that everything that gets published is properly jotted down. In my spare time you can usually find me playing video games at home.

Hello, I’m Steve and I’m from Wyoming. I’ve been with the Read Platform team since the beginning and my duties involve ghost stories. Whenever you find something written about ghosts, odds are it’s probably my doing. I’ve been fascinated with ghosts ever since I was a little kid. I wasn’t afraid of the stories, just fascinated. In my spare time, I’m a carpenter.

Hi there, my name is Joe and I’m the resident authority on all things shocking and weird that happen out there in the world. I’ve been with the Read Platform only for about 5 years, and I’ve loved every second of it. In my spare time I’m helping animals that had the misfortune of ending up in local animal shelters.

Hello, I’m Jake and I’m the guy whose in charge of good ol fashion news hunting. We all do it to some extent, all the team members, but I especially scan the mainstream media for any mention of events and circumstances that could be triggered by something supernatural, or otherworldly. In my spare time I’m a tech geek and I write for my own personal tech blog.