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Ray Potes Got Hamburger Eyes

Posted on on 14/07/10 by Jess Gough

Ray Potes is a magazine editor/gallery curator/darkroom ninja/ general promoter of all good things photography. He was part of the team that put together the photo journal Hamburger Eyes, first printed 9 years ago in San Francisco. We asked Ray to explain a few of his images.

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‘Gold Complexion’

Posted on on 10/06/10 by Jess Gough

Photographer Ellen Rogers sent us over another beautiful shoot that has been lovingly developed and edited in the darkroom. No digital manipulation, this be the real deal. She’s even made crimped hair and a massive pair of horns look like the height of phasssion.

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Interview with Jacques Magazine

Posted on on 08/06/10 by Matthew Martin

If your the kind of guy who hates men’s mags like NUTS, ZOO or Loaded then Jacques Magazine might be the one for you. Matt Martin got in touch with the editor, Jonathan Leder, and asked him a few questions about the magazine and what he looks for in a ‘Jacques Girl’.

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Dana Goldstein’s Snapshots

Posted on on 01/06/10 by Jess Gough

Dana Goldstein is a 25 year old photographer currently living in downtown Manhattan who seems to consistently pump out good photos like some kinda machine. We talked to Dana about photography and terradactyl porn, amongst other standard Monday morning topics and she explained a few of her favourite snapshots.

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Blowing Up L.A.

Posted on on 24/05/10 by Jess Gough

Ian Markell is an 18 year old L.A. born art student who takes really great photos. He recently moved to a new apartment in Brooklyn which he is going to fill with cacti, apparently. We spoke to him about photography, his inspiration and blowing up L.A.

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Toasted And Coasted

Posted on on 18/05/10 by Lauren & Grace

Last month we introduced you to Lauren and Grace, who are spending this year ticking things off their ‘doing fun things’ to-do list, and sending us the photographic evidence. This month they went to the coast.

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‘The Summer Wasting’

Posted on on 18/05/10 by Jess Gough

Irwin Barbé sent us over a photoshoot and accompanying film he made in Biarritz, South of France, using clothes designed by his buddy and emerging new talent, Luna Cedron. The pair are both only 17 and the idea behind ‘The Summer Wasting’ was to create an idealised vision of the long drawn-out months of the summer holidays ahead.

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The Big Dog

I never through that the Will Smith film Wild Wild West was in any way prophetic. But this leggy contraption...

  • LV feat Okmalumkoolkat - Boomslang

    Okmalumkoolkat has a real ring to it, really rolls off the tongue. Although we're not too sure about the video,

  • From The Drop - Wiley (Prod. by MJ Cole)

    Paddy O'Neill -Boiler Room regular and Honest Johns / Columbia / Doldrums person- played me this at a house party

  • Fucked up - own your lameness

    Thanks a lot The Smiths. We’re going to blame you for a nation of bedwetting boys and their guitars, trying

  • Southend Punx!!!

    Steve Pegrum runs an online archive featuring the everything punk that ever happened in Southend-on-sea between the years of 1976

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