ROC MARCIANO IS A FUCKING G and also a rapper from strong island N.Y.C. who came to fame when he was introduced buy fellow Long island rapper and head of Flipmode Squad Busta Rhymes.

He only became recognised as a serious force on the mic after his work with his crew the U.N. and If you’ve heard the 2004 album by the U.N. titled “U.N. or u out” you’ll know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t you’re fucking lame and should go buy it. It’s a seemingly perfect blend of raw New York rhyming over raw New York beats supplied by Pete Rock and Large Professor, amongst others.

But Roc’s first solo Project “MARCBERG” goes far beyond anything else he’s released.

With ’93 esque intelligent hoodlum rhymes and beats grittier and grimier than your Gran’s gusset, all supplied by Roc behind the boards doling out bitch slaps with his M.P.C, It’s a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with crippled face Carlton Banks looking motherfuckers like Kanye and whatever other shite is being passed off as hip hop these days.