Joe Skilton really really likes photography. When I asked him to curate this week’s Best of Flickr (which is about two weeks behind - apologies, my bad), he sent me a great long list of images that I then picked out my favourites from. So this is kind of the best of a ‘Best of”, which by definition should be twice as great. Hopefully that’ll make up for any lateness.

Anyway, this is what he had to say about them:

“Most of these flash before my eyes whenever I have my camera out. So much love for these photographers! All of these people have a stream full of inspiring and fun shit. Enjoy.”

Julie Simon

Andrew Ellis

Lee Harrison

Izzy Jarvis

Margo Ovcharenko

Dave Geeting

Marlena Shores

Nina Hartmann

Square Eyes


Alexandra Auger

Frank Croft


Jamie Shaw

Sandy Kim



Ariel Rosenbloom

Tania Leshkina

Jolie Ma