The first time I met Perry he was a fresh faced thirteen year old that loved Nirvana. Now he’s 17, unemployed and smoking weed everyday. I took him along to meet this first group, and in a desperate attempt to end awkwardness claimed that he was my photographer. He didn’t take a single shot.

Super smash bros and a sink all in one room.

The 18 bus is very bohemian these days like channel aka and crack.

Jack is 19 and is the richest cockney imaginable – he has a radio built into his shower.

Weed Paraphernalia, the Redstripe was added for "urban" effect by perry.

Moja’s life involves weed, skating and call of duty. He is a convincing skate boarder, but an unconvincing Australian. He claims to be from Sydney, it’s total bullshit, and his views on religion are as pointless as Lady GaGa’s Penis.

Imogen (centre), is an eighteen year old of Russian descent, she's seeing Jack. She is unnecessarily patronising and begs relentlessly to be described as Indie, but she’s OK and just gets on with it. With the cannabis tolerance of a five year-old she often provides me with pointlessly quintessential quotes; “I think Ghandi had the best way. He knew not to fight. He was such a pacifist and saved everybody".