People from harrow are a rare breed. They do everything and anything they want; fights, drugs, and hell of a lot of drinking. But take them out of harrow and they’re as docile as a castrated rapist. Combine these suburban fears with Hyde Park and a tens, and you find an interesting scenario.

Ciaran is raw guy and can out-boy anyone. He’s generally pretty epic: “James Fowler has the most lopsided head I have ever seen in my entire life, you might as well have smashed a watermelon with a hammer and stuck it on some pricks shoulders. It’s the deadest head I’ve ever seen, I would actually top myself if I were born with a head like that”. He also lost his virginity behind a skip.

Dan is Ultra fly.

Joe is one of the safer stoners in Harrow. At School we wore our Air Force ones together and traveled to Hyde Park piss-ups with bottles of white lighting. He’s a closet wife beater: “I said that I’d break my ex girlfriends jaw. I was bare high and I said to her, ‘look yeah if you were a guy id break your jaw’”.

James is the funniest guy I know, not because he looks exactly like a pigeon but because he just seems to come out with raw boiages in short circumstances: “I think id cry on Dictaphone, just like your mum cried on dick last night”.