The carnival count down is on. Only 4 days to go and the question still remains - what to wear?!? I’m searching for the perfect combination: a balance of comfort, colour and contours.

Trusty black chucks will be on my feet - it’s not about sandles and mangled toes, you need some grip - a). for dancing on narrow walls and b). incase you get caught in a stampede and need to sprint, hop and skip over a barrier. Which brings me to my next point, a skirt may not be the sensible choice as many a perv lurk in those crowds and -I guarantee stray hands will be finger dipping- which just ruled out the lime green waffle Lycra number. Maybe I’ll stick with a pair of the printed leggings and if the sun shines its got to be the Sasoon shorts. Either way on top I’ll be sporting my new “Tina T” personalised Gasius crop t with Pan-African coloured whistle.