The recession has hit rich kids hard. In fact its hit them so hard that they now smoke weed rather than christening their noses with sugary nurofen cocaine. It is of course ironic that these rich kids (whose affiliation with weed has as much cultural relevance as a Metros album) question the draw you’ve picked up calling it “dowsey”. I got a budding fashion designer fucked off his face after one spliff and then watched him compare his girlfriend to Mel Gibson.. It made my day. Alex is entertaining to say the least and his “we loved you in lethal weapon 2 Mel” comment towards Bex resulted in a “par of the day” award.

Julia was lovley, she was proabably the reason why half my mates came to the blaze up.

Bex (left) was a bit frosty throughout she boied off the grade as well and got a bit irate when i "unintentionally" used her amber leaf.

MaN bE CraCKIng BaaaRe jOkeS

Last time someone mentioned Alex he was supposedly having an ipod fight with another guy because he got into I.D magazine or some shit….feel it

Mediocre Fringe.

Those Legs Would Possibly get fucked.