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Sticky, sweet, naughty lollipops. Already a staple accessory for any street savvy baby or high-socked porn star, the lollipop is making a more upmarket debut.

Artist and designer Massimo Gammacurta has been locked away in the totally-rad-and-cool factory making high end fashion lollipops. ‘Like OMFG. I want one. Does it come in 0% fat?’ No, you stupid bitch it’s pure sugar.

Flavours include Gucci juicy pomegranate, YSL caramel & wild cherry, Chanel luscious lilac & green apple, and Louis Vuitton watermelon slice.

So for those of you who associated lollipops with corner shop squalor and your fat friends, think again. Buy ten. Fill your bag and stick some down your pants for good measure.

Prices are yet to be confirmed but really, who cares? I mean what wouldn’t you pay for a lollipop in the exact same shape of Chanel’s double C? Just imagine, finally putting something with some social status in your mouth (woops sorry BF). Anyway, I heard that the recession is so last season.


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Auditorium - Mos Def Ft. Slick Rick
Go to 2:30. Wow.


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