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What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Every 6 months or so I have a breakdown or realization or epiphany or whatever you wanna call it and it sounds something like "I just want to have a regular job with a regular salary and be a normal person." There are just so many jobs to chose from! This month, I'm thinking I want to be a nurse. Why not? Being a long-time lover of the TV show Scrubs, I think this would be a great job for, one that I would excel at. Here are the pros: Read article

New Employee: ME!

So this is my official blog welcoming myself to the Platform website where I will now be conducting lots of new and exciting things. For those of you who don't know who I am, I'll explain. I'll preface by saying that the title of my autobiography is going to be Never A Dull Moment, because like so many others that have come before, this is just another great notch for me on my career belt. Read article
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New Music

I might you like better - Amanda Blank

Amanda Blank is to Katy Perry as The Sex Pistols are to Busted. So sassy it's saucy, so libidinous it leches, this is this the filthiest summer hit since Oops (Oh My).


Auditorium - Mos Def Ft. Slick Rick
Go to 2:30. Wow.


Summertime Road - The Barbaras
Summer pop that's all screwed up in its head. You need bands like this to make people moaning about how weird it is that your leaving the party and it's light outside more bareable.


Structure - Dimbleby & Capper
These are songs that "stick in your brain like porridge to the back of a spoon". I hate porridge, but D&C's oestrogen infused pop is addictive enough to overcome that.

Dimbleby & Capper - Structure

It Gets Your Body Moving - Suckers
If you're bored of really brilliant psychedelic bands from Brooklyn then you won't like Suckers. If you're not, this could be the song of your summer.


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So this is my official blog welcoming…
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