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White And White And White All Over

This summer, I'm really into wearing white. Sometimes my fashion inspiration comes from a feeling or a situation ("working girl" or "single girl"), sometimes it comes from a movie or a musical (Times Square vs. Bye Bye Birdie), but lately it's come from a color. Or rather, a lack of color: white. Read article
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New Music

Gazzillion Ear - DOOM

Are you still waiting for the next ephemeral summer smash indie band? Good luck and don't forget to branch out, kids, some of us will settle for the redefinition of hip hop: in comes DOOM.

DOOM - Gazzillion Ear

I might you like better - Amanda Blank

Amanda Blank is to Katy Perry as The Sex Pistols are to Busted. So sassy it's saucy, so libidinous it leches, this is this the filthiest summer hit since Oops (Oh My).


Auditorium - Mos Def Ft. Slick Rick
Go to 2:30. Wow.


Summertime Road - The Barbaras
Summer pop that's all screwed up in its head. You need bands like this to make people moaning about how weird it is that your leaving the party and it's light outside more bareable.


Structure - Dimbleby & Capper
These are songs that "stick in your brain like porridge to the back of a spoon". I hate porridge, but D&C's oestrogen infused pop is addictive enough to overcome that.

Dimbleby & Capper - Structure

It Gets Your Body Moving - Suckers
If you're bored of really brilliant psychedelic bands from Brooklyn then you won't like Suckers. If you're not, this could be the song of your summer.


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