It’s nice how bikes became sexy objects of desire the same way motorbikes used to be. There’s yet to be a yearning, painful folk song about an outlaw bequeathing his fixed gear to his girlfriend on his deathbed - it’d be a graphic designer anyway… Not that there’s anything wrong with fixed gears; they’re fast, they’re simple, they look cool and thieves have no idea how to ride them. What’s peoples’ beef with new things? Fashion’s fun, and (like Street Carnage has pointed out a million times) those who hate on all that stuff just look like crochetty old people who are afraid of things they don’t understand.

Having said that, fixed gears are also crazy expensive and a real fucker to ride, so most of us still ride around on shoddy racers or rusty three speeds, which is a blast too. It’s great then to see a bike blog that doesn’t just concentrate on sexy, shiny fixies covered in Chain Of Strength and Integrity stickers, and takes into account the rest of us on the barely refurbished 4th hand bikes and pound shop tool kits. Cycling’s a lot of fun no matter what you’re riding and Gutter Bunny reminds us of that.

Gutter Bunny is so called because it’s the name given to people who ride bikes in the city by dorky mountain bikers, and it’s a great collection of images (a lot of original content, not just re-blogged stuff you’ve seen a thousand times already), videos and actual proper writing about bikes. It’s done by a girl called Nikola who also made a print version of it for her degree, which you can download as a PDF from the blog. It’s worth doing.

Here’s a selection of fun stuff on there:

Check it here.