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Notre Jour Viendra

Posted on on 13/08/10 by Gareth Simms

Romain Gavras, the Frenchman who was responsible for the brutal Justice ‘Stress’ video and the ginger-hating M.I.A. ‘Born Free’ short is set to release his first feature film, Notre Jour Viendra, on September 15th. New film contributor Gareth Simms gathers in all the emerging information and tells you why you should care.

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Everything That’s Wrong With ‘Event Cinema’

Posted on on 03/08/10 by Charlie Lyne

If you believe what you read in The Guardian, the traditional cinematic experience is dying. Odeons across the country are gathering dust, people are downloading the latest releases illegally from The Twitter rather than paying for cinema tickets and the $400,000,000 that Inception has made in three weeks at the global box office is merely the result of an elaborate money laundering operation set up by Christopher Nolan to up his street cred.

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10 Crap Film Critics And Why They’re So Crap

Posted on on 12/07/10 by Charlie Lyne

The “you’re a crap film critic” card is a brave one to play if you yourself are a film reviewer. Luckily, Charlie Lyne of Ultra Culture avoids any hypocrisy by being awesome. Here is his list of ten film critics who ain’t no good.

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Obey The Walrus

There's meant to be subliminal messages in this, but you never see them because they're subliminal....

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