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Marijuana Is Bad For You

It’s not going to kill you the way heroin is but that doesn’t mean it’s not evil. Outside of horror movies and fucking, pot has no place in your life. It kills your drive and makes you lazy. The fact that most of the people I work with smoke it while they do their job blows my mind. It’s like drinking a pint of vodka at work. You’re not better when you’re high, you’re worse. Shit, you can’t even remember what you were talking about ten seconds ago.

The worst times to smoke pot are:

1- In your formative years.
When you’re in your early 20s you’re supposed to be figuring out what you want to do with your life. You know, really sinking your teeth into something. If you’re high, this hunger for life is replaced with a hunger for chips and you basically stay frozen in time. This minor setback can ruin your life because you will come out of the smoke haze in your 30s when it’s too late to find a vocation.

2- Video editing.
When editors are stoned, they go off on ridiculous tangents that don’t help the final product at all. They’ll add seven layers of beats beneath a clip and then be reluctant to cut it because it took so much work. You need to have a crystal clear idea of the final product when editing and pot gives you an Alice in Wonderland mentality that makes you wander around FinalCut with no idea where you’re going.

So yeah, outside of The Stepfather and eating out your girlfriend, lay off the pot!



    ohhh aprill fools i get it hahahha
  • marley
    hey listen im 19 i have a carrer and i smoke marijuana its not killing my drive im just having a more fun journey =)
  • carolyn
    he hated when us girls did cocaine because he didn't know if we were being sincere or just having him on.He thought we were too "giggly".lol.
  • carolyn
    gavin was too scared to do ANY drogues when I knew him in university.
  • normallyquitecontent
    this article blows. big time. in fact its fucking pissed me off.
  • Where is his beard!?!?
  • scumfuc
    he shaved it off in front of that AMI guy.
  • illmind
    fuck you ☻☺❤☮
  • aprilfool
    HAHA, April Fools. You nearly got me...
  • Anonymous
    i'd like to see more street carnage if possible

  • I'm not stoned just BORED
    I'm bored of seeing street carnage things on here. I'll read street carnage if i want to on THEIR website. I want to read platform articles by my fav platform writers. Speaking of, where's Sanky? I miss her ones they're funny.
    What's going on Platform? its all got a bit trendy lately, like looking around rich kid's room and stuff, I'm not really feeling it. I liked it when platform was more relatable to young people in general, not just art students. Can we have some more lifestyle/opinion/current affairs/spoofy ones like Fountain and Foster do so well? I'm sick of Gavin McInnes and his stupid mustache opinions like he's so great because he can grow facial hair and invented Vice.
    I second bored not stoneds comment sorry to say but you have gotten a bit shit these days
    and the street carnage stuff sucked from the beginning now it seems to be all you do
    1- In your formative years.

    too true FML
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