Teen Witch Hits New York

I was in New York for a month sweating my ass off in 105 degree weather, getting heat stroke and drinking massive amounts of beer, taking photos, skateboarding and watching my friends get stoned all day. It was pretty cool.

This first photo I took at 7 in the morning after not sleeping all night the morning of the fourth of July in the Hamptons. I drank beer by myself and let my feet dangle off this sweet dock all morning, got a nice sunburn.


This was the same morning. A couple buddies and I had driven all night and got to the beach. We watched the sunrise and I swam in the ocean. The water was perfect and the sand was so damn soft. Rich people’s sand.


Some really cutty piece of art hanging at this loft party in New York.


This picture is pretty self explanatory. Weed.


Katz Deli is hardcore. I was in the bathroom here when my brother called to tell me he was having a baby. I was so pumped I totally forgot to flush and one of the women working was in line after me and yelled at me. She called me rude. It was pretty funny. But not really. Oops.


Me and the boys walking through the dirty streets of Chinatown.


This was on the fourth of July. We were driving through the woods near these massive mansions in the Hamptons and decided to let off a huge roll of firecrackers. It was loud as fuck and the thing burned for 15 minutes straight.


In New York there are many bedbug infested mattresses strewn about the streets. This was taken on yet another sleepless night in New York.


My friends live in a really cool loft space.


This is taken from my friends rooftop in Brooklyn. I spilled a beer in my bag and soaked this roll.


My best friends live in Chinatown in this virtually windowless apartment.


I took a couple days to go visit some friends in philly. They took me to this really amazing swim hole. It was the first time in one month that I had completely submerged my sweating, overheated body in water. It was great.


Sweaty tree climbing.




Georgie jumping off the cliff. There were tons of locals there jumping into the water fully clothed with timberlands on, chainsmoking newports and pushing each other off this cliff. It was badass. The water was murky and I wasted and entire underwater roll trying to get a good picture of myself. This was the one picture I took outside the water.


Another party night at Sandy’s apartment in Brooklyn. This night was brutally hot and we all drank ballantine 40′s trying to score some drugs until 6 am. Or maybe it was 9 am. Yeah I think 9. Can’t remember.


This is back home in S.F. I don’t remember where this was, how I found this guy, or what had happened but I do remember a whole bunch of people yelling at me for snapping this shot.


Yet another sleepless New York night.


Some really adorable girls playing sweet and sour on the back of the muni.


The great city of New York.

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