Hi folks! Remember my irregular feature Blog Spotlight? You know, a lot of people don’t realize that it was a play on the ‘blogspot.com’ URL, which was a hilarious little bon mot aimed at the blogging community. Since I came up with that little gem, however, everyone switched to tumblr! Where did the E in that word go? Where did the E go in any of those words? The internet has done terrible things to the world’s grasp of spelling and grammar (have you been on a rap messageboard lately?), and domain names like that don’t help.

Anyhoo, recently I set up Google Reader, and I urge you to do the same, it makes reading blogs a joy, you don’t have to click through to the next page, you can keep all the links of things you like in one place and it tells you when something gets updated. Here are some blog recommendations, if you’ve got time on your hands and you like looking at pictures:

Up North Trips

Jah Jah Sphinx

Stoner Party

I Like You

Stax & Cane

Who doesn’t like looking at pictures? Certainly not anyone who enjoys procrastinating, work avoidance and it suddenly being 6pm and nothing’s been achieved, that’s for sure!

There’s loads of hot babe blogs as well, guys like Titty City and Weed & Hips are ones I look at a fair bit. But what about if you’re into boys? Not just any old boys, but boys in your particular subculture, and not just cartoon versions of them worked into normal porn like Suicide Girls. What if you enjoy your hotness with a hint of radical politics? What if radical politics and blackwork tattoos are your two biggest turn ons? What if the idea of a denim jacket with the sleeves still attached offends you? Well, I’ve found just the blog for you.

It’s called Punks I’d Like To Fuck, but it’s not a bunch of photos of Alkaline Trio looking ‘buff’. It’s pictures of real punks that live in squats, ride the freights, know about stuff like anarchist theory and have hand and face tattoos. Sure, they might look a little grubby and their dogs are on strings, but they’ve got passion and fire in their hearts. They want to create a new world with no masters and they’re a little undernourished (in a hot way)! I spoke to the creators of this blog, cos they have a pretty heavy ‘about us’ section on the site and I thought they’d be cool girls with cool stuff to say.

I was right.

HI GUYS! What’s your name and what do you do when you’re not looking for pictures of punks?
Michele: My name is Michele and when I’m not looking at pictures of punks, I am living an actual life. I go to school, work, go to shows… I like to cook, dumpster dive and screen print.

Katrina: My name is Katrina, and when I’m not looking at pictures of punks I’m working, in class (I go to an art school), at a show, reading or watching nature documentaries. I love art, music and adventuring around town - so I’m usually up to something.

Why did you start PUNKS I’D LIKE TO FUCK?
: We started PILFs because we were disappointed by the alt porn sites. Despite claiming that they cater to alternative cultures, they mostly cater to a straight, male market and disregard entirely the female, gay and trans sexualities.

Katrina: PILFs was the product of sexual frustration and frustration in general with our cultures’ view on female and alternative sexualities.

What’s so hot about all these ill looking boys? What do you look for in a pilf?
: I don’t know if you mean ill as in sick or ill as in the American slang term, but I’ll assume it is the latter. I couldn’t even tell you what’s not hot about them. They’re fun, awesome dudes who look like they understand some semblance of radical politics. I don’t know what’s hotter than a smart guy with a septum and tattoos.

Katrina: There’s nothing hotter than a fun-loving, intelligent dude who’s into radical politics. I’m a big fan of dreads and tattoos, big working hands and piercings, but what really matters is that a dude is informed, intelligent and brave enough to face an unsmiling world with the biggest grin he’s got.

How do you feel politics and sex are linked?
Michele: I don’t know how you could say anything is not related to politics, including sex. Politics and sex are linked through race, class and gender issues.

Katrina: They’re endlessly intertwined. I don’t know where you could say they’re not linked. The politics of the outside world are reenacted in the bedroom - from rape culture to the perpuation and the gender binary myth.

Is punk a sexy music?
Michele: Of course.

Katrina: It is only the sexiest of musics.

Who’s the hottest punk you ever saw?
: Everytime I go to a show or radical political event I fall in love all over again.

Katrina: ME!

Which are the hottest punks on your blog?
: Haha, you couldn’t ask me to choose. Every punk is a hot punk, and even if they’re not on our website it doesnt mean they don’t deserve to be!

Katrina: They’re all hot!

What’s the hottest tattoo you ever saw?
Michele: I saw a guy who had a uterus tattooed on his stomach and I think it was the single hottest body mod I’ve ever seen. I also really like blackwork tattoos.

Katrina: I’m not sure - for me it’s individual to the dude/dudette. I love animal tattoos and blackwork though.


Any words to our female readers?
Michele: Be proud of your sexuality and don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong.

Katrina: Your sexuality is not something anyone can or should define for you. Stop caring what other people think or say because ultimately, your sexuality should be YOURS. Don’t let anyone coerce you into sexual situations you don’t want to be a part of, don’t let other people tell you who you are, and most importantly, don’t take NO SHIT FROM NOBODY. Your body is your own to do with what you want. Stop revolving your personality, physical identity and sexual identity around men and start living your life for yourself. Always use protection and know your partner’s history. And for godsake, bash back!

Any to the boys?
: I would say the same goes for them that I said to the girls. As well as being proud of your sexuality isn’t about being the biggest/studdliest dude in your social group. Be proud, be confident. Don’t just sleep with girls because you want to be top dog and don’t sleep with only girls when or if you have other desires because you are scared of hurting your ‘masculine identity’ or what not.

Katrina: Start understanding women as equals, not accessories, conquests or living fuckdolls. Stop being afraid of being ‘less of a man’ for admitting your own sexuality, including any homosexual desires you have. Nothing is more dangerous and less attractive than a guy who can’t admit that they’re interested in other guys. And of course, always use protection and know your partner’s history.