Last month we introduced you to Andrea Sonnenberg, known as Teen Witch, who talked us through her trip to New York over summer. Now back home in San Francisco, Andrea’s mostly been going to a load of shows and documenting snail sex. This is her latest set of photos for Platform of what’s been going down on the West Coast.

In our alley this seems to happen a lot.


Alcohol is a crazy drug.


Jen and Fiona and I went to K. cove and had an amazing day. It was foggy down on the beach and we were the only people there all day.


Down on the beach there’s a cave and a ropeswing. Best kept secret of San Francisco.


This was taken up the path from some of the bunkers at K. cove. The place is amazing.


Serra Bowl has shows! This one was awesome.




Certain days of the week all our friends get drunk at 6 pm which makes for a really long and dark night ahead.




There was a really great generator show under the bridge the other day. Right now Culture Kids is killing it.


This was at the haunted brookdale lodge in the Santa Cruz woods.


This was at the Slayer/Megadeth show. Because we were pretty much the only girls in the front, Jess and I got to crowd surf a lot.


Snail sex at Natestock 2010.