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Who Are You?

Posted on on 12/07/10 by Stephen Pietrzykowski

For a long time, pop music was about being somebody else. Now with a current trend towards anonymity, it’s increasingly about being no one at all.

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The Internet Is Completely Over

Posted on on 08/07/10 by Stephen Pietrzykowski

The Internet is completely over. Prince said so. And Prince is never wrong about anything. Here’s a list of other stuff that’s completely over. Prince knows.

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Heavy Metal Thunder

Posted on on 15/06/10 by Robert Foster

Robert Foster just spent a weekend in the Midlands listening to heavy metal at the Download festival. Download is the worst name for a festival ever invented, but he had a great time. Wanna see what he did there?

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Punk But Were Afraid To Ask

Posted on on 14/06/10 by Gavin McInnes

If you cut Gavin McInnes he bleeds punk… and blood… but mostly punk. When he was growing up punk was his religion and dank beer-soaked bars were his church. These days he’s pretty knowledgeable on the subject and he want’s to convert as many punk-skeptics as possible. To do this he’s created, in his own words, “the greatest punk mixtape of all time”.

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Jookbox #4

Posted on on 18/05/10 by Stephen Pietrzykowski

Another few weeks gone by, another Jookbox up here. And usurping the general rule that sequels are never as good as the original, this selection of tracks is perhaps my favourite of the series.

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Jookbox #3

Posted on on 19/04/10 by Stephen Pietrzykowski

Imagine you were an oddball who lived without the internet for a month and knew nothing about new music? Jookbox would be a pretty useful resource in that case. Here is our third offering of all the best in new music selected by us and our friends at Transparent, Don’t Die Wondering, No Conclusion and Italian Beach Babes.

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Posted on on 31/03/10 by Stephen Pietrzykowski

Here it is, Jookbox #2, the second installment in our now regular round-up of new music. I’m not sure if two posts constitute a regular column just yet actually, but we’re getting there, so give me a break.

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Cheese And Crackers

Old white guys taking up urbanisms stopped being funny in the 80s. It’s just creepy. Knock it off guys....

  • Disclosure - Linstigator

    Does it matter if Disclosure are two teenage brothers? They could be 40 year old casualties and it wouldn't change


    A lot of people are talking about SALEM being the future of music, which is an unfortunate turn of phrase

  • 10 Tips For Surviving A New York Subway

    “You wouldn’t survive one minute on a New York Subway,” is a damning thing old school New Yorkers say to

  • Everything That’s Wrong With ‘Event Cinema’

    If you believe what you read in The Guardian, the traditional cinematic experience is dying. Odeons across the country are

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