Kankick is undoubtedly one of the dopest hip hop producers to have walked the earth. Why he hasn’t had as much recognition as his contemporaries is completely beyond me. Kankick started out making beats in high school as a freshman, with fellow student Madlib who was a sophomore. They later started the crew “Lootpack“ of which Kankick was the fourth member. For whatever reasons it didn’t work out and lucky for us Kankick started doing his own thing. He’s had a string of releases since but still doesn’t seem to get the props he deserves, when he’s easily up there with the likes of J-Dilla and his boy Madlib.

His new album Full Time Work Part Time Pay was released a couple of weeks ago and it’s a fucking banger. Dusty melodic samples over rugged chopped up beats and a little bit of rhyming thrown in to boot. It’s about 23 tracks of pure genius on the M.P.C. and will definitely not disappoint, unless there’s something wrong with you and in that case fuck you.

I hope this is the release to give the recognition that this big loveable, funky asthmatic deserves.