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Zine life: I want a little sugar in my bowl

The Asia Song Society have released this great little zine that is curated by Jenny Schlenzka, Terence Koh and Anat Ebgi. The 47 page black and white zine features mostly portraits, and you’ll probably recognise the famous faces of Leo Fitzpatrick, Dash Snow and Nate Lowman who grace some of the pages.

Posted by Matthew Martin on 02/03/10, COMMENTS (1)
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Exteens is finally here

The brand spankin’ new photobook from Blood of the Young

Posted by Jess Gough on 10/11/09, COMMENTS (1)
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Zine life: society suckers vi

The first zine i’m going to show you is called Society Suckers VI and features Sean Orena, Dana Lauren Goldstein and Scott Wade. A great 25 page zine of black and white photos, split into 3 sections by each photographer.

Posted by Matthew Martin on 06/11/09, COMMENTS (2)
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You can never have too many zines

So each week we are going to do a review on a photography zine/book. If you have any photo zines/books you would like us to review, send us an e-mail and we will give you a forwarding address. The first zine I would like to show you is by the late artist Dash Snow.

Posted by Matthew Martin on 04/11/09, COMMENTS (3)
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