Juan sent us some photographs he had taken over the past six months, charting his life from the summer until now. It looks like he’s been having a pretty good time. He also was kind enough to write some short captions so we can know for sure exactly what he’s been getting up to.

If you want to know even more about Juan, check out his blog and flickr.

In the Island of Koh Samui, Thailand. My friends and I went there for a week to celebrate the end of high school before we all went off in our separate directions.

This was in Amsterdam & The Hague. I went to visit my girlfriend Anne and my good friend Romke for a week.

In Muxia, Spain. My friend Mon, showed me an abandoned house which belonged to an artist. He lived there by himself in a desolated location by the beach. The place was surrounded by sculptures which he had made throughout his life, but now are all covered in crap from a recent oil spill in that area.

In Edinburgh. I went last week to visit Kush, an old friend of mine, who showed me around the city.

Thanks Juan. Happy travels.