Teen Witch: Go Giants, fuck Texas

The clocks going back have marked the start of the all too familiar lumber through the grey nothingness of England’s winter months. Going out and getting fuuuucked uuuup is way easier in summer because you can still wake up mid-afternoon feeling real(ly unexpectedly) fresh. But winter ain’t got time for hangovers and makes sure that you only catch one stingy hour of sunlight over the weekend, resulting in your skin tone regressing from slightly pale to basically dead.

By the looks of Teen Witch’s newest photos however, everyone in San Francisco is still alive and kicking, climbing things, spraying things, and throwing up on each other.  Course, we can’t all join in on the fun across the Atlantic, so as an alternative I suggest marinating yourself whiskey, scrolling through these photos repeatedly, and throwing up on your cat.

Happy November!

We had a heat wave beach day.


Just took a visit to New York last week. This was in the Texas airport.


I took this and didnt remember it. I woke up from a crazy sleep on the plane home and saw this amazing landscape outside. I love views from airplanes. It just seems so surreal.

There is crazy GIANTS fever in S.F. right now. It’s very exciting and inspiring. I took this 5 minutes after I got back home after the longest day of my life.

Go Giants, fuck Texas.

Taqueria Vallarta in S.F. has the absolute best tacos around for the best price. They have a second room in the back with huge open doors leading to the street and there are always pigeons walking around. It freaks me out, but it’s also totally amazing.

Brite ideas.

This was the night of the GIANTS first game. We all got shitty drunk and ran around the city.

Homemade bart simpson mask.

Riding really hungover.

Breakfast with the fam!

At beach day.

Nasty cult.

Climbing the swings.


We were getting real shitty that night. I don’t know who these girls were but they were getting down and I couldn’t stop looking at them and taking pictures.

This picture was from dolores park. Some crazy white trash kids showed up and they were throwing their girlfriends around and all started puking on each other. It was gnarly but no one could look away.

Having friends who work at bars is pretty crappy when all of a sudden you’re puking up breakfast lunch and dinner and asking chicks to kiss you.


GIANTS win the 2nd game against the stupid Texas Rangers.


Pumpkin time.


Jess and I stole a couple and brought them home to carve (which we never ended up doing).


We worked this 80′s themed birthday costume party.


Halloween at the bar, in full effect.


Dudes in drag.


Jason as the three tittied girl from Total Recall. GENIUS.


People going crazy for their S.F. team.


Chilstov hoping a fence.


Halloween this year was crazy; got really drunk and snuck into the skatepark, ran around and did bad things.


Will as an insane clown posse juggalo. He always comes with the best wigs and makeup.


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