Teen Witch Is Back

We’ve got a recap from our San Franciscan correspondent and her buddies. I was totally enjoying these photos until I started seeing the girl in the red rainmac as the dead girl’s spirit/omen/goblin thing in Don’t Look Now. But hey, don’t let me ruin it for you. Everybody be cool.

My friend Vinnie just tattooed this on himself the other week. His first tattoo and he doesnt even smoke cigarettes.


Vin, and the amazingly talented Amina Slor.


During the insane Giants parade the day after the win, I was stranded among one million supporting fans. I snuck into an alley to get a breather and saw a drop ladder up to the roof of a building. I was alone and peaceful.


Later that day at dolores park, we all met up and I hit the spliff for timmy. Haha.


Nasty crew.


This was at a show in the basement of sports basement.


I took Jessica to the Aquarium by the Bay, which is one of my favorite spots of all time. Marine life is breathtaking. These huge underwater tunnels lead you under the bay and you feel like you’re swimming with the sharks.


High fives.


Gang’s all here.


I’m a weirdo.


One day Jessica bought a fish for our house. It died within the hour and the next morning we threw it out the window.


Jess and I on a mission to ride to the wharf.


My friend Orion Shepherd built this amazing replica of a mailbox for an art show he had at Mollusk surf shop, and his mom kindly tagged “get a real job <3″


The night we destroyed dirty daves van.


Sunsets in S.F. are amazing this time of year.


Strike two.


Jess and black cats in the alley.


My two best friends and I drove out to the woods near Fairfax and bolted into an open field during a crazy rainstorm.




For Thanksgiving I went to the house where I grew up with my dad and brother. It snowed like crazy and I felt like a kid again.



Our neighbor Dal built this old nazi replica plane when we were kids and passed away a couple years ago, leaving his collection for my brother. This night he got weird.


The sunset from pine grove.


On the drive home I saw this amazing mural. Actually, my mom and I got stranded in this parking lot for a while. I ate a bunch of beef jerky and went to christian thrift stores. It was fun. I hope ya’ll had a good time too.

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