Mazes are channeling some pretty firm DIY kudos with these two new songs.

For starters, they sound a lot like a number of classic Flying Nun bands; always a surefire way of getting a certain type of music fan wet around the dick. Then there’s the fact that they’ve written a song that shares a name with the band responsible for the Greatest Indiepop Record Of All Time (that’ll be 16 Lovers Lane by The Go-Betweens, stoopid).

And to finish the job, they’ve set up their own label - named after a Silver Jews’ song no less, Suffering Jukebox - in order to release their music. Slow down! Mazes must have had some on-it older brothers holding their hands through pre-teens to be this clued in so young.

“Cenetaph” and “Go-Betweens” are the A and B sides from a 7″ released on Suffering Jukebox, coming out soon, sometime. You can stream both songs below, but not download: you’ve got to buy this if you want to own it. Get some fucking morals.

Mazes - “Cenetaph”

Mazes - “Go-Betweens”